Consulting and planning

Our specialists will support you in all the various activities required for optimal management of your energy, steering you towards the right solution for you.

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Energy efficiency within everyone's reach

Thanks to our consulting solutions, you will be able to make your business or activity more energy efficient, saving money, improving the performance of your systems and the comfort of your premises, while helping reduce the environmental impact of your business.

Renovit will support you through this process to help you choose the solution that suits your needs best and assist you during its implementation.

Together to find the right solution

The energy sector is becoming ever richer in opportunities to help you reduce your costs and your impact on the planet, and we are on your side to help you choose and implement the one that is right for you.


Are you looking for a solution to reduce your energy costs and increase
the efficiency of your processes?

Discover our solutions:

  • Energy diagnoses
  • Energy Intelligence System
  • Feasibility studies
  • ISO 50001
  • Energy Manager
  • Design and Works Management
Energy diagnoses

icon-money Energy diagnoses

With Legislative Decree 102/2014, big companies and energy-intensive companies are required to carry out an energy diagnosis every four years. As well as supporting you in carrying it out, we help you turn this obligation into an opportunity, identifying critical areas in the use of energy sources in terms of consumption and planning the most appropriate efficiency measures accordingly.

Energy Intelligence System

icon-money Energy Intelligence System

We offer you our support with the creation of an Energy Control Room for your company through the design and implementation of an energy consumption and performance monitoring system that gives you details on the use of energy for your business activities, allows you to compare different sites and departments, keep track of your energy accounts, while identifying opportunities for improvement and measuring the results of the operations carried out.

Feasibility studies

icon-money Feasibility studies

We support you with the elaboration of technical and economic-financial feasibility studies for improvements on systems and machinery, identifying the best technical solutions, developing scenarios and cost-benefit analyses.

Support with certifications and qualifications

icon-graph Support with certifications and qualifications

We help with the processes to obtain energy and sustainability certifications, such as:

  • Application for CAR - Cogenerazione ad Alto Rendimento - (HPC - High-Performance Cogeneration) for your cogeneration system.
  • Development of an ISO 50001:2018 - compliant Energy Management System.
  • UNI EN ISO 14064-1:2018 environnemental certification support.

Support for the Energy Manager

icon-money Support for the Energy Manager

We assist your company with specialistic support for energy process management, the design and implementation of energy management procedures and the creation of specific in-house expertise.

Design and Works Management

icon-efficiency Design and Works Management

Our specialized team assist you with your energy efficiency operations in the industrial and service sectors, carrying out all the design phases and works management to guarantee the correct implementation, timing and cost of the operations identified.
We can help you create cogeneration, trigeneration, photovoltaic, heating, cooling systems and compressed air systems, implementing all your systems engineering operations to reduce energy consumption and improve comfort.

Find out how all our services can be included in an integrated activity to improve energy and environmental efficiency

Sustainable Energy Program

icon-graph Sustainable Energy Program

We propose the development of an innovation and sustainability program which combines energy efficiency with specific actions to reduce the environmental impact of your activity by:

  • Analysing the Carbon Footprint of your organization and product.
  • Performing a Life Cycle Assessment with the offsetting of environmental actions and forestation or tree-planting programs.
  • Supporting communication to help you communicate your sustainability scheme through a stakeholder engagement program, the use of environmental product declarations (EPDs) and the preparation of economic, energy, environmental and social sustainability reports.