Public Administrations

Renovit supports public bodies in redeveloping cities and making them more efficient and comfortable.

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We help you redesign the city to make it more efficient and comfortable

The upgrading of the Public Administration's property assets is one of the priorities over the years to come, with a target set by the National Plan to make at least 3% of the building stock efficient every year.

Carrying out this type of operation not only saves on running costs but is also an opportunity to make our cities more attractive, comfortable and sustainable, really contributing to urban regeneration. Our operations are always offset with the redevelopment of green areas and the planting of trees in collaboration with the administrations.

A Support to Improve Efficiency in Public Administrations

We can offer all the support that a Public Administration may need to embark on a path to improve efficiency. We work together, in compliance with the reference standards, to develop economically sustainable operations that can be repaid thanks to the cost savings they generate and thanks to the incentives they may benefit from. We work on the energy upgrade of school buildings, public offices, sports centres, healthcare facilities, special buildings and social housing.

Consulting activities

Consulting activities

With this solution, the Public Administration invests in operations to improve efficiency. We provide all the necessary support, supplying specialists who can guarantee the correct execution of the operations in compliance with the reference standards and ensure the obtainment of the incentives made available to the Public Administration by the Heating Tariff 2.0.

Public-private<br />partnership


With this solution, we invest in the implementation of the operations, taking on the technical and financial risk, and the PA is able to upgrade its public assets with a technically, economically and environmentally sustainable program.

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The advantages of our solutions

They are financially sustainable:

we limit the use of public funding
investing directly in the operations.

They are Off Balance:

the assets and the countervalue of the
investment do not have an impact on the administration's debt or balance sheet.

They are safe:

the risks are transferred
from the administration to the private operator.

They are convenient:

both in terms of completion time and
running costs, guaranteeing savings for the institutions.

They become a source of income for the territory:

we engage qualified local firms,
prioritising the use of local manpower.