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Why choose an operation for your apartment building

Thanks to energy and seismic renovations, you can increase safety in your building, save energy and actively contribute to reducing CO2 emissions and pollutants.

 In the last few years, wehave accompanied numerous apartment buildings towards global redevelopment projects, offering cost-effective solutions that have allowed access to tax incentives such as Ecobonus and Sismabonus. 
Thanks to the new Superbonus 110%, we accept the tax credit as payment with a discount on the invoice up till 100% of the redevelopment costs.

Thanks to these projects we have proposed the redevelopment of over 2,800 apartment buildings, with over 56,000 property units. Thanks to these operations it will be possible to avoid the emission of about 25,000 tonnes of CO2.


Answers to your questions


What is the apartment building Ecobonus?

It is a form of tax relief, recognized over 10 years, calculated on the expenses incurred for the implementation of energy efficiency measures on the common parts of apartment buildings. With the implementation of the operations it is possible to obtain a deduction on a maximum expenditure of up to € 40,000 per property unit of:

  • 70% for energy efficiency upgrades to common parts of apartment buildings, carried out on the building shell, covering over 25% of the building's gross dispersing surface area.
  • 75% for upgrades to improve the winter and summer energy performance of the building shell, which determine a transition from "low quality" to "medium quality" in compliance with the Ministerial Decree of 26 June 2015.
  • 65% for operations on high-efficiency systems: heat pumps, solar panels, hybrid generators, building automation systems, micro-cogenerators
  • 50% for work on doors, windows, sunshades and class A condensation boilers

For these operations, it is possible to assign the tax credit to the company that carries out the renovation. In this way, the residual cost payable by the apartment building will vary between 25% and 50% of the investment depending on the operations carried out.


What is the apartment building Sismabonus?

This is a system of incentives, recognised over 5 years, for taxpayers who implement out seismic measures in their buildings. The interventions have to be implemented in the common parts of apartment buildings located in seismic zones 1, 2 and 3, aiming not only to reduce seismic risk, but also to upgrade energy efficiency, with a maximum expenditure of € 136,000 per property unit, with the following tax deductions:

  • 80% if they result in the reduction of seismic risk by one class;
  • 85% if they result in the reduction of seismic risk by two classes.

For these operations, it is possible to assign the tax credit to the company that carries out the improvement. In this way, the residual cost payable by the apartment building will amount to 20%-15% of the whole cost of the seismic improvement.


How will the apartment building benefit?

These operations will architecturally upgrade your property and achieve an energy saving of at least 30% on heating and air conditioning. They will also improve the comfort of your building, the energy class of the individual property units and a reduction in the building's seismic risk.


How much can I save on my bill?

Thanks to these energy efficiency measures you will save up to €150 on a €500 bill and it won't only be your wallet that thanks you, but the environment too.

Practicle example: Apartment building with 16 residential units

Total energy expenditure prior to intervention:
11,600 €/year
Investment in upgrading the shell and boiler:
2,296,900 €
Total savings after intervention:
4,130 €/year
Actual cost for each residential unit:
467 €/year

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Execution of work

We support you in the acquisition of all the necessary permits and manage the work sites ensuring maximum safety and minimizing our impact on the environment and people.


Application for incentives

We assist you with the management of the procedures necessary to make sure that your operation will benefit from the incentives.

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Discover CasaMIA, the turnkey project to increase the safety of your apartment building and improve its energy efficiency with an economically sustainable solution.

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The advantages of CasaMIA

  • Complete: we offer services for administrators, companies, designers and individual apartment buildings.
  • Certified: we guarantee certification of the tax credit by a qualified third party.
  • Guaranteed: we guarantee the completion of the operation on time and at the costs estimated.
  • Simple: with a single interlocutor responsible for the project.
  • Advantageous: the operations funds itself thanks to tax credit and savings.

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