Circular cogeneration

For one of our customers which operates in the metalworking sector, we have built and manage a cogeneration plant that produces energy and redistributes it, maximising savings.

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Today, being energy efficient means not only saving money, but also caring about the future of the planet. This is why a metalworking company approached us in 2014 to review its energy supply and production methods.

We signed an EPC with them and designed, funded and built a cogeneration plant with an endothermic engine, with a capacity of about 1 MW, which recoups thermal energy in the form of hot water at 90°C for use in mechanical processing at the site.

In order to maximize savings and further reduce the impact of the system, a district heating network has been set up to redistribute the thermal energy recouped to the various departments of the company in the area.

Thanks to this project, the production of 336 tonnes of CO2 per annum has been avoided, with an annual cost saving for the average customer of about € 150000.