Net Zero Solution

The complete program to reduce
the environmental impact of your business.

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Innovation and sustainability for your company

The Sustainable Energy Program provides long-term solutions to optimise your energy processes to reduce environmental impact of your production process and activities.
It provides a sustainable and innovative roadmap to improve your company's energy performance as well as its social and environmental footprint therefore enhancing your competitiveness on the market.

The advantages of the program

  • Energy savings and increased efficiency of your plant
  • Improved transparency in both internal and external communication
  • Availability of new marketing tools
  • Increased company visibility
  • Enhanced environmental performance and competitive repositioning
  • Improved safety and better management of environmental risks
  • Achievement of corporate objectives on social responsibility and environmental care

Green Analysis

We offer an integrated assessment that includes energy and sustainability audits to provide you with a comprehensive outlook on your company and help you define a strategic plan of repositioning in a green perspective.


Energy auditing

We analyse the energy profile of your company or focus on energy process related to specific activities/products in order to define saving and optimisation opportunities.


Carbon Footprint for Organization

We carry on an assessment of your company activities to determine and detail greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, according to UNI EN ISO 14067.


Product Carbon Footprint

We analyse your product or service life-cycle in order to determine greenhouse gas emissions, according to UNI EN ISO 14067


Life Cycle Assessment

We analyse the environmental impact associated with all the stages of the life-cycle of your products or services in order to define improvement and repositioning opportunities from a green perspective, according to UNI EN ISO 14040 e 44.


External benchmarking and
best business practices

We provide you with an overview of your competitive scenario with a focus on management strategies.


Stakeholder Assessment

We provide support to your organization in defining a participatory strategy for your stakeholders – suppliers, customers, employees – through their proactive involvement in the enhancement of your process environmental standards.

A comprehensive approach


icon-monitoring Metering

By joining our program, you will be able to create and maintain an energy and environmental accounting through the definition and measurement ofshort-, medium- and long-term objectives.

Communication and reporting

icon-project Communication and reporting

Thanks to our comprehensive approach, we can also support you in the communication of your sustainable program and results. Furthermore, we can accompany you through the process of EPD ecolabels obtainment and of non financial report development

Offsetting and emission compensation

icon-park Offsetting and emission compensation

We can provide you different solution to offset your environmental impact, such as reforestation programs, verified emission reduction credits, sea care and environmental protection.