Energy Performance Contract

Improve your energy system with Renovit.
We invest in the project; you earn money by saving it.

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Improved efficiency for your system, lower emissions for the planet

Reducing CO2 emissions from human activities is an obligation for everyone. That is why we, at Renovit, offer you simple solutions to make your systems more efficient and less polluting .

With our energy efficiency contracts, AKA EPC, you can optimize the efficiency of your energy system with complementary operations and upgrades focusing your technical and financial resources on your core business. We work with you to design the best technical solution, implement it - investing in the project - and support you in its management, guaranteeing the results and linking our remuneration to the savings generated.

Choose the contract that suits your needs best

We offer modular turnkey solutions that guarantee savings and the possibility to choose which services must be included and whether to invest in the project . We propose the modernization of all your utilities in EPC mode, building co-generation plants, heating and cooling systems, systems for the production of compressed air, relamping and consumption monitoring systems.

The answers to your questions

What is an EPC?

An EPC is an Energy Performance Contract under which a supplier undertakes to implement a series of integrated operations and services to upgrade and improve the efficiency of a customer-owned energy system, using its own or third-party financial resources. The supplier is remunerated via an amount linked to the energy savings obtained thanks to the efficiency improvements, which also define direct savings on the customer's energy bill.


What are the advantages of cogeneration systems?

A cogeneration system allows the combined production of electricity and thermal energy, which can be used in production processes and heating, from a single primary energy source.

Combined production can increase the efficiency of the overall system configuration by over 80%. This means lower energy expenditure and lower climate-altering emissions.

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What are the advantages of trigeneration systems?

Trigeneration is a particular application of cogeneration, in which the thermal energy recovered is partially or completely transformed, depending on the needs of the site, into cooling energy.

Trigeneration is a very efficient application for all processes that require a constant amount of cooling energy, both for industrial applications and for air-conditioning.

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