Renovit with Snam and Sagat for the Torino Airport.

Renovit is going to build with Snam and Sagat the first hydrogen-ready fuel cell cogeneration in Italy at Torino Airport.

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JAN 10 2022

Renovit has signed a term sheet with SAGAT, the Torino Airport Management Company, for the construction of a "hydrogen-ready" fuel cell system in cogeneration mode with a capacity of 1.2 MW at Torino Airport, that will be the first in Italy to implement such a solution, in the second quarter of 2023.

The fuel cell, designed and developed together with Snam's Hydrogen Business Unit in partnership with the American company FuelCell Energy, is the first of its kind and size in Italy that can be fuelled with variable percentages of hydrogen blended with natural gas for the combined generation of electricity and heat.

In addition to reducing the energy consumption of the airport, the use of natural gas-fuelled fuel cells allows, compared to traditional cogeneration, the substantial elimination of particulate emissions and a relevant saving in CO2 emissions.

The cogeneration solution proposed was selected following a procedure launched by SAGAT and will allow Torino Airport to self-produce electricity, heat, and cooling energy to partially cover its energy needs. Implementing a hydrogen-ready fuel cell will allow the airport to adhere to the highest standards of efficiency and environmental sustainability, in line with its goal of accelerating the reduction of net emissions before 2050. Already today, 100% of the electricity supplied to Torino Airport comes from certified renewable sources, and the project will immediately enable further improvements in energy efficiency.

The initiative is part of Snam's strategy to promote the energy transition in the industry and in the entire economic system and reflects Renovit’s engagement for technology innovation that allows for more effective decarbonisation and energy efficiency solutions.