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Renovit launches its brand and digital identity

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JUL 26 2021

Renovit presented today its brand identity, its website and LinkedIn channel.

The logo is made up of various visual and dynamic elements that underline the company’s commitment to promoting the country’s energy efficiency and ecological transition.

The reduction of energy consumption, one of Renovit’s main objectives, is represented by an arrow pointing downwards. The four histograms, developed in height, suggest how energy efficiency is a development factor and indicate the business areas of the company: apartment buildings, industry, tertiary and public administration. Together, they evoke the skyline of a city or a productive district. The chromatic choice of the four units further emphasizes the attention to the environment, echoing the more virtuous half of the energy efficiency rating.

Founded at the end of January 2021, Renovit is positioning itself as an enabler of the sector’s further growth, contributing to the achievement of the 2030 domestic energy efficiency targets and helping to decarbonise the economic environment.